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Shortfill E Liquids explained

Short fill e liquids are one of the many types of vape juices you can find on the market today. With a market which reflects the tastes of every vaper out there, UK companies have had to expand on the way that it provides its e juices. Every need is different, and whilst tobacco is rigid in its packaging and production per packet, vape companies have realised how useful it is to provide their customers with a range of ways to administer e liquids. After all, some people may be travelling for long periods through areas with no vape shops, and so need bigger vape bottles. Others may want a quick fix or may be used to a pod mod, which requires cartridges rather than bottles. The possibilities are endless, and short fill suppliers are aware of this.

What is a short fill e liquid?

A short fill e liquid usually comes in a 50 ml bottle without any nicotine inside, they are esentially 0mg nicotine E liquid bottles. These bottles are only filled to about 80 % of their capacity allowing space to add your nic shots. The nicotine bottles. Known as nicotine shots, are sold separately and are made of concentrated nicotine liquid. You can add as you please, most users adding around 10 ml of 18 mg nicotine to every 50 ml short fill bottle before shaking well to allow the two liquids to mix. This varies from person to person, each having their own tastes when it comes to nicotine hits in their vape juice.

Why do people use short fills?

Short fills fulfil a specific need, the juices being used having a wide range of tastes and the possibility for flexible nicotine intake.

Flexible nicotine

With so many ex-smokers coming from differing ranges of addiction, the usual nicotine contents of prefilled vape juices range from 3 mg per 5 ml to 20 mg. The lower the nicotine content, the less ex-smokers used to smoke. With nicotine in prefills consisting of 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 20 mg, there are bound to be some vapers who have needs falling between these categories. Instead of settling for the prefills, they may want to mix and match using the shortfills and nic shots. The shortfills generally work out as cheaper than the 10ml counterparts which already have nicotine in them.

TPD laws and short fill liquids

Another reason for the use of short fills is to bypass the Tobacco Products Directive, a set of laws which were laid out last year in the UK. These laws state that you cannot prefill bottles of vape juice with more than 20 mg of nicotine, which may frustrate the vaper who is used to vaping more. These vapers can buy their own nicotine shots and administer as much nicotine as they like to their juices. Take note though, in high concentrations, nicotine can be poisonous.


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